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The Verdin is a very small bird approximately 4-1/2 inches length. They have very distinctive markings - a yellow forehead, face and bib, a dark line through the eye and a small, but noticable, rufous shoulder marking on a grey and to light grey body.

We have observed two types of nest for the Verdin. One of their nests, found in an Acacia tree, is ball-shaped, about the size of a softball, with a round 1 inch opening. And the other nest, found in a Cactus, is bowl shaped and resembles half of a softball.

The Verdin prefers arid desert areas. We have observed numerous Verdins while visiting The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA. For a list of sightings of this bird, you can view our Sightings and Observations Log and search on "Verdin".

Family: Verdin.

Field Notes

On our trips to The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden, we have observed several Verdin throughout the grounds.

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