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The Living Desert

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a wonderful Zoo with several Botanical Gardens. Local birds visit The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens regularly providing plentiful birding opportunities. There is also a worthy Model Trains exhibit and a spectacular Carousel featuring 30 animals represented at the zoo. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is located in Palm Desert CA.

About The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is not a large zoo, so it is possible to see every exhibit without having to rush through any of them. Certain times of the year they put on a fantastic Butterfly and Hummingbird exhibit, so call ahead at 760-346-5694 (I could not find this info on their website) to see when the exhibit is being held. And speaking of birds, many local birds visit regularly providing you with ample bird watching opportunities. If you have binoculars, bring them. They will be useful both for viewing birds and also for viewing many of the exhibits as the enclosures can be rather large and the animals sometimes are farther away.

There are several different Botanical Gardens representing various parts of the world. Be sure not to miss them. A few are somewhat hidden from the main walkways so watch for dirt and sand paths leading off of the main walkways. And many of these gardens make for a cool (as in temperature) retreat on hotter days.

More Attractions

You can't miss the Model Train Exhibit since it is located near the entrance to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. It is quite extensive and it is fun to take your time and checkout all the different settings the Train Enthusiasts have built.

Another must-see is their Carousel. It is one of the most elaborate and colorful Carousels I have ever seen. Each seat is represented by various animals from around the world. Their website states "Our carousel features 30 animals represented at The Living Desert Zoo, two chariots, and is wheelchair accessible. Animals include your favorite species such as Warthog, Lion, Jaguar, Giraffe, Zebra, Gazelle, Hummingbird, and Golden Eagle."

Our Favorites

Amongst our favorite exhibits is the Cheetah exhibit. Also the Reticulated Giraffes are fun to watch during feeding time. And a very interesting exhibit is the Poison Frogs exhibit. Despite their bold colorful appearances, they can be difficult to locate amongst the tropical vegetation. I spent several minutes searching for each species but one species eluded detection. So go to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens to discover what your favorite exhibits are.

Maps and Directions for The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

You can find Directons and Information to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens on their website. Or for directions only, go here View Google Map to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

Updated: December, 2014

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