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Animal Protection Resources

This page offers you useful information about helping and protecting animals through rehabilitation and avoidance of dangers or threats to them. This information is offered as a convenience to you to protect the animals and hopefully save time in getting help for an animal in need.

Learn more about Poisonous and Toxic Threats by visiting the website links below.

24/7 Animal Poison Control Center: 800-213-6680.

    Pet Poison Helpline, List of Poisons and other Toxic Threats:
    This page features an extensive list of poisonous and other toxic threats to your pets. This list can be narrowed down by categories such as Foods, Plants, Household Items and many many more (scary!).

    Pet Poison Helpline, General Information:
    General information on what to do if your pet ingests a toxic substance.

    Rose Floral Greenhouse:
    A short list of plants, toxic and non-toxic, found in the home.

Find information for Treating Your Pets by visiting the website link below.

    Feline Constipation Information:
    Features a wealth of information about Feline Constipation and how to treat it.
    Anyone who has had a Cat-Buddy for a length of time will relate.
    Also note the beautiful website design.

Find an Animal Rehabilitation Facility by visiting the website links below.

    Department of Fish and Game, Rehabilitation Facilities for most Wildlife:
    Features a long list of rehabilitation facilities, for most species, throughout California.

    Los Angeles Audubon Society, Hotlines for the Los Angeles area:
    Features a list of hotlines for reporting injured birds and wildlife. Also hotlines for reporting public dangers in general.

    Wild Wings of California, Bird Rehabilitation:
    Providing specialized care for orphaned, injured and sick wild native birds

    International Bird Rescue, Rehabilitation for Aquatic Birds:
    Specializes in rescuing seabirds and aquatic birds.

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