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Steller's Jay


The Steller's Jay is a fairly large bird, approximately 12 inches in length. It has a noticeable crest at the top of its head. They have blue streaks on their forehead that resemble eyebrows. Some are black on their upper back and head while others may be blue. If you get a closer look at the Steller's Jay, you will notice the intricate black grid line pattern across their back, wings and tail - markings which may otherwise go unnoticed.

The Steller's Jay seems to prefer the higher mountain areas. We always see, and hear, them when we hike the Icehouse Canyon area. For a list of sightings of this bird, you can view our Sightings and Observations Log and search on "Steller's Jay".

The Steller's Jay has the ability to mimic several other birds and even some animals. Their standard chatter is usually loud and harsh.

Family: Jay.

Field Notes

The Steller's Jay is often seen stalking campgrounds and picnic areas for food. On several occasions we have observed the Steller's Jay mimicking the call of the Red-Tailed Hawk.

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