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Icehouse Canyon

High Mountains just 20 minutes from Claremont, CA. The Icehouse Canyon trail is well shaded and makes for a great place to hike in the summer. You will find many points along the way where the views are spectacular. You will wander through tall Pine, Oak, Incense Cedar, Alder, Sycamore trees and many more. Streams are always flowing nearby. There is an abundance of wildlife and plant life to be observed.

Icehouse Canyon Trail

Icehouse Canyon is a great place to hike during the summer months to escape the heat. The main trail is well shaded most of the way. The canyon is usually several degrees cooler up at the saddle compared to down at the parking lot - and those two locations are almost always cooler than in the valley below. There are many rocks and fallen trees which provide an unlimited number of excellent places to sit and enjoy the many views along the way. Streams flow throughout the year, so you can refill your water bottles if you pack a water filtering system. The trail is steep and the footing is rugged in some spots so good footwear is a necessity.

If you head straight up Icehouse Canyon, you will reach Icehouse Saddle in approximately 3.5 miles. An alternate route, which branches off the trail at near the 1 mile mark, is Chapman Trail. This route will add approximately 1.5 miles more to your route, but runs at a higher elevation and offers you spectacular views of nearby peaks and the canyon below.

Icehouse Canyon trail is one of our favorite hikes. We hike Icehouse Canyon frequently in the summer months and often see the familiar faces of people who visit the canyon regularly. Besides being a good workout, wandering up Icehouse Canyon can reduce your stress level - at least temporarily. If you have binoculars, bring them. Binoculars are a very useful accessory for viewing wildlife during your hike up Icehouse Canyon. And bring your camera too. There's a good chance you will get the opportunity to take many pictures of wildlife and the magnificent views.

For you more hearty souls, you may want to backpack up the canyon and spend the night. Especially during a full moon. There is an nice place to camp called Cedar Glen off of the Chapman Trail. I've been told that there is another nice place for backpackers to camp, south of Icehouse Saddle, named Kelly's Camp. Article about Backpacking The Icehouse Canyon Area.

Plants And Wildlife

You can find numerous species of plants and wildflowers that bloom in the late spring and early summer. These blooms invite a wide variety of butterflies to stop by for a drink. This combination of flowers and butterflies can offer you some great photo opportunities. There is also a wide variety of bird species that, with a little luck, may offer you photo opportunities too. And keep your eyes and ears open for small animals scurrying through the rocks and up the trees. For a list of more sightings in this area, you can view our Sightings and Observations Log and search on "Icehouse Canyon".


The hike up Icehouse Canyon leads some distance up a rugged trail into a high mountain area and is not easily accessible to emergency services. Be sure to pack your gear wisely! See REI's Day Hiking Checklist, The Ten Essentials for recommended gear to carry.

If you think you might need more water than you wish to carry, you may want bring a water filtering system.

Maps and Directions for Icehouse Canyon Trailhead

Exit the 210 Fwy at Baseline Road (exit 52) and go west to Padua Avenue. From the intersection of Padua Avenue and East Baseline Road, go north on Padua to Mount Baldy Road. Turn right on Mount Baldy Road and drive all the way to the town of Mount Baldy. Continue through town approximately another 2 miles to a sharp turn in the road. At that turn look for the long driveway that heads straight ahead away from the turn - this is the driveway to the Icehouse Canyon parking lot. The trailhead is at the upper end of the parking lot. View Google Map to Icehouse Canyon Trailhead parking area.

Updated: December, 2012

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