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Smoothstem Blazingstar


The Smoothstem Blazingstar displays a spectacular yellow flower in the fall season. For the remainder of the year, this flower would be considered weed-like and would most likely go unnoticed. There can be several stalks and flowers branching out from one plant.

The stalks can reach 5 feet in length. The star-shaped flower has 5 yellow petals, each being approximately 3 inches in length. There are many yellow hair-like stamen, also approximately 3 inches in length, that sprout out from the center of each flower.

The Smoothstem Blazingstar can be found throughout most of California. In fact, it can be found throughout most of the western portion of North America.

The bloom period for Smoothstem Blazingstar is August, September and October.

Family: Loasa (Loasaceae).

Field Notes

We have observed many Smoothstem Blazingstars in the Mount Baldy and Icehouse Canyon areas.

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