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Palmer's Liveforever


The Palmer's Liveforever is a California native plant. It is a hearty succulent plant that tends to grow in very rocky soil. It displays several beautiful pink and yellow flowers in the spring. The flowers are grouped in clusters at the end of long stocks which protrude from the thick-leafed base of the plant.

The color of the base, leaves and stocks can vary greatly. Possible colors can be pink, reddish-pink, green, reddish-green and gray-green.

We have observed Palmer's Liveforever in the foothills of Glendora and San Dimas. They tend to have very long stocks that can grow to greater than 3 feet in length. (Unlike the Canyon Liveforever which have shorter stocks of 1 to 10 inches.)

The bloom period for Palmer's Liveforever is May, June and July.

Family: Stonecrop (Crassulaceae).

Field Notes

We have seen several Palmer's Liveforever in the foothills near the Glendora Country Club.

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