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Lark Sparrow


The Lark Sparrow is a medium-size sparrow approximately 6-1/2 inches in length. This bird has striking facial markings - alternating white and chestnut stripes which have thin black borders. It has a noticeable black spot on its light gray to whitish breast. And they have white along the outer edges and tip of the tail, which is most easily observed when they take flight. They usually travel in a group.

The Lark Sparrow prefers grasslands, semi-open scrub lands and foothill areas. Two areas where we regularly observe the Lark Sparrow are, Johnson's Pasture in the foothills above Claremont and Sandburg Middle School Park. For a list of sightings of this bird, you can view our Sightings and Observations Log and search on "Lark Sparrow".

Family: Sparrow.

Field Notes

Since the late 2000's we have noticed an increase in the number of areas that the Lark Sparrow visits.

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