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Gopher Snake


The Gopher Snake is a large snake with a narrow head and a rounded nose. The upper body color is beige or tan, with large dark brown markings. Its belly is an off-white color. The end of the tail is pointed. The Gopher Snake is NOT poisonous to humans.

Most sources say it can grow to a length of 7 feet (see Field Notes below). Most of the time we have seen them in the 4 to 5 foot range.

We have observed the Gopher Snake in several warm environments - the San Gabriel Mountains and Foothills and the Angeles National Forest. And one time, a Gopher Snake was discovered inside my Grandparent's home! For a list of sightings of this animal, you can view our Sightings and Observations Log and search on "Gopher Snake".

Family: Snake.

Field Notes

I have seen one very large Gopher Snake that appeared to be at least 8 feet long in Cobal Canyon in Claremont!

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